Pet of the Week - Daisy 2nd Feature

Age: ~3.5 years old
Sex: Female
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Origin: Oroville, WA
Weight: 68 lbs
Personality:  Patient, Popular, Playful
Energy Level: Medium 
Likes: Perfume, Pie Eating Contests, Positivity
Dislikes: Plastic Bags, Pollen, Pyramid Schemes

Hi, it’s me Daisy! You may remember me from the last time I was Pet of the Week. My first POW feature was last fall, and now spring has sprung. The days are getting warmer, our time playing out on the turf yards is getting longer, there is grass for eating on our walks, and the smells on the property change with the seasons. All this to say that there are good things sprinkled throughout my days at the shelter, the staff & volunteers try their best to make it fun. But what’s not fun is how long I have lived here; from fall to spring, that’s 24 weeks and counting. The other dogs who were transferred here with me have since been adopted. The staff here thought I would go fast too, but that hasn’t exactly been the case for me. 

It’s not easy for any rescue animal to get adopted these days, let alone one like me. That’s because as much as I try to rise above it, and try to tell myself it doesn’t matter, people tend to think they know me just because of my breed. I’m a pitbull and I’m proud of that, but sometimes people make it really hard to be so sure of myself and my worth. They make mean and untrue assumptions about me without realizing just how damaging that can be. Not only to my self-esteem, but to my well-being in this life. And it’s not just to me, it’s to all of us bully breeds. 

Putting negative bully-breed stereotypes aside, what you should actually know about ME, the pitbull mix named Daisy, is that: I am a social, silly, and supportive girl. I like outside time, couch time, and of course, cuddle time. I’m looking for a place to call my own, filled with the kind of person(s) & energy that makes it a home. And in return, I’ll give you a best friend for life, who is attentive, intelligent, laid back, loving, up for adventure, and more!