Sprout & River

Age: ~ 3.5 months old
Sex: Females
Breed: Cattle Dog Mixes
Origin: San Juan Island
Weight: ~25 lbs
Personality:  Curious, Engaging, Sprightly 
Energy Level: Relatively chill (on the puppy scale), but quick to get up and go!
Likes: Positive Attention, Rainbows, Tug-A-War
Dislikes: Hot Pavements, Unanswered Calls, Worms

Hi, Hello, over here! We’re Sprout & River, the two newest puppies to arrive on the scene at APS-FH, and we’re sisters! We had other siblings, and they’ve already found their families. But not us two, at least not yet. The shelter staff have been working hard to find our future people, and because we really want to be adopted, we’re doing our best to help them.

Although everyone knows humans looove puppies, and because of that you’d think all puppies would easily find homes, the devastating reality is that there are so many unwanted puppies right now (please spay and neuter* your pets) in the shelter system who are looking for homes. Unfortunately, adoption rates are low everywhere right now, but we’ve heard that “visibility” helps to increase the chances of finding your adopter which is why…

– we’re excited to be named this week’s APS-FH Pet(s) of the Week! Throughout your POW featured week your story runs on all APS-FH’s social platforms, any story re-shares that happen, and it even gets printed in the local newspaper.

– on a good weather day you can find us in the fenced in outside area of our kennel, where we like to catch people’s attention as they go in and out of the shelter!

– we’re working with APS-FH’s Animal Care Team & Social Media Staff to photograph and film us throughout our days at the shelter! We hope that by sharing this “slice of life” style content on the shelter’s social media the right person will see it and be able to picture us in their lives, and make the decision to adopt!

Will this campaign of visibility help to make all of our adoption dreams come true? We sure hope so!