Debra Crain

The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor proudly presents Debra Crain as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for April 2024.

Debra’s journey with APS-FH began over a year ago, where she stepped into the role of a dedicated volunteer, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a heart full of compassion. Although Debra’s professional background as a registered nurse has equipped her with invaluable skills, she chose to take a hiatus from her career to immerse herself fully in her volunteer efforts. 

Before joining APS-FH, Debra’s passion for serving communities led her to spend over a decade working on Indian reservations in the Southwest, where she made a profound impact by assisting people and rescuing dogs. Her commitment to animal welfare was further exemplified during her tenure at a reservation in the Pacific Northwest, where she played a pivotal role in establishing a spay and neuter clinic.

Despite her extensive history of helping dogs in recent years Debra has discovered a newfound love for cats, particularly black cats. Currently Debra doesn’t have any cats of her own but she finds fulfillment in caring for shelter cats, nurturing them with the same love and dedication that she would show her own pets.

Beyond her volunteer work, Debra’s talents extend into the realm of alternative medicine as a Medical Intuitive. With her intuitive abilities, she provides invaluable insights into the physical and emotional well-being of animals, offering guidance and support to pets and owners alike.

The APS-FH team has been deeply moved by the profound bond Debra has formed with one of our elderly cats, Aya. Upon meeting Aya, who was initially struggling with health issues, Debra felt an immediate connection and sense of responsibility towards her. This led her to visit Aya every single day for two consecutive weeks, tirelessly ensuring her comfort and well-being. Aya’s health has significantly improved and we’re sure Debra’s compassion and attention helped her to get through her rough spell. Despite this positive progress, Debra continues to visit Aya regularly, demonstrating her unwavering commitment and affection towards her furry friend. 

In addition to her volunteer work, Debra’s presence brings a sense of calm and sincerity to every interaction, enriching the lives of both animals and humans alike. Her commitment to APS-FH’s mission and her selfless contributions make her an invaluable asset to our organization. 

Thank you, Debra, for your tireless dedication and compassionate heart. You are truly an inspiration, and we are incredibly grateful to have you as part of our APS-FH family. Congratulations on being named Volunteer of the Month!