AuroraHello there. I’m Aurora, and this is the face I make when I hear gossip that I’ve already heard – like three weeks ago! Let me tell you – there is plenty of gossip going around here in Kamp Kitty. Just yesterday I heard that Peanut and Debbie have made up after their tiff over a certain catnip mouse. Rumor also has it that Mr. Higgins is due for a nail trim and and there’s also some scuttlebutt about Debbie having a potential adopter! On top of all that, I have it on good authority that Tango was recently tutored! It’s almost too much to keep track of.

To be honest, I’d actually prefer a nice quiet home of my own with less chit-chat, where I can be the center of attention and all the gossip is about ME! Stop by the animal shelter to meet me soon!