LibbyLook into my eyes…deeper, deeper…that’s it…do you feel your heart swelling? That’s very good. Ok! Now that Libby has successfully gotten your attention and you have most likely fallen in love with her, we can tell you a little bit more about this darling girl. She’s as unique as they come with her adorable looks and spunky personality. Since arriving at the shelter, Libby has entertained the staff with her newfound love of toys! She tosses, twirls, and shakes her toys all around! It’s endless fun for all parties involved. Libby would be delighted to find a loving home that will dote on her in all the ways a rescue dog deserves. She has a few things she is working through during her transition, particularly fear of new men and strange dogs. Therefore, a home with someone dedicated to work through those fears with her would be ideal. In the meantime, she will be waiting at the shelter where she will continue to entertain the staff!