Merry Helm VOMThe Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is happy to announce Merry Helm as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for March 2022.

Merry has been a dedicated volunteer for APS-FH since August of 2021, helping work with undersocialized cats and kittens. Most recently, Merry has made it her mission to help socialize a cat and kitten who are currently isolated due to Ringworm infection. Although it is a non-fatal disease, treatment for Ringworm cases can take several weeks to several months to cure and can be highly stressful to the animal due to the extended time in isolation, lengthening their time at the shelter until they are “cleared” for adoption. Volunteering in this capacity is a big help to APS as well as the cats who are secluded due to illness and cannot receive regular visitors. Merry went out of her way to take on this special case, which included extended training. She is not afraid to don the appropriate PPE attire for the isolation units while she visits the kitties, and looks good doing it too! Not an easy task! Merry also brings treats and disposable play toys to entertain the cats/kittens providing extra enrichment, helping make a potentially boring situation a lot livelier and fun for the cats.

Thanks so much, Merry, for going out of your way to help the shelter animals that need it most. You are deeply appreciated and deserve to be recognized!

APS-FH has numerous volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit to learn how you can get involved.