LibbyPOWHello there. I’m Libby, currently residing at the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor. While I cannot reveal my age, (a lady never tells) I can offer some advice to ladies out there who may be of a somewhat mature age, and find themselves in a situation like mine, ie, “Looking for Love”. Simply join me in following these simple yet sensible steps and I am certain love and companionship will not be far behind!

  1. Never slouch. Good posture is important when trying to attract others.
  2. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Always graciously accept belly rubs and gentle pats.
  3. Make friends, even if you are feeling bashful and would rather stay in your room and remove the squeaker from a new toy.
  4. Fresh breath is a must. I recommend frequent flossing and the occasional rawhide.
  5. Be playful, particularly in the presence of puppies.
  6. Go to the beach and take a dip! It does wonders for your skin and outlook on life.
  7. Tolerate small talk and cats, if you must.
  8. Be patient. Finding the perfect match may take time. Your special someone is out there, waiting to meet you! I know mine is.