CarmellaCarmella is a sweet cat who, in her 17 years, has spent most of her time searching for life’s meaning in the great outdoors. She has found that life is about truly enjoying your time, even if that requires another nap. If you take a moment to sit with her, scratch behind her ears, she will tell you tales of her days in the woods and of island folklore. But beware that these tales of old might just be a way to lure you in to ask for another treat!

Carmella would love a home that has plenty of places to rest and people who will spoil her with treats. Although she has been an outdoor cat in her younger years, she has adjusted well to the creature comforts of being indoors. She loves cozy blanket caves and pillow forts. Carmella has developed a bit of a wobble and would probably prefer a home without steps or at least a place that has all the things she needs on one level. If you would love a sweet, storytelling, wise old cat to comfort and shower in affection, Carmella is ready to move in!