Willow-StuartMeet the newest dynamic duo — Willow & Stuart! They are a sister and brother who recently came to us after their owner grew ill and had to go into hospice care. Through this new life change of theirs (and in all areas) Willow and Stuart live by the adage that “we’re better together”. Whether they’re posing pretty, playing in the yard, hanging out with their favorite humans, or helping shelter staff in the reception area, Willow and Stuart strongly believe that everything is more fun when done together! Although these siblings are a perfect pair, you’ll never have to worry about feeling like a third wheel around them because they enthusiastically share their love with everyone they meet! Willow & Stuart have easily made friends with adults, kids, strangers, and other dogs. But please, no cats.

Although we’ll miss them when they go, we know that Willow and Stuart still have a lot of love to give and deserve their own family. They would love to find a home where there is a mix of activity and laziness. Willow and Stuart are in their senior years, so they, wise with age, know the value in afternoon naps and rest, but they also still want to be able to play when their youthful spirit takes hold (which it often does). As if you weren’t already sold on these sweet angels, they are also great on a leash, do well in the car, are crate AND potty trained.