HenryHi, my name’s Henry and I recently came to APS-FH all the way from Florida! Although there was much to love about the sunshine down south, I am ecstatic to now be living on the west coast, especially during my favorite time of the year — Fall/Halloween! Now that I live here in Washington, I truly get to experience the changing leaves, the crispness in the air, and how fun it is to be cozy & cuddled up inside when the cold really sets in. With my long fur, I was born ready for the cool that autumn brings. Aside from being a perfect warm coat, I also love my long fur for its bright orange color – perfect for Halloween! One of my very favorite things about Halloween is the costumes and every year I try to incorporate my orange locks into my getup. So far I’ve been a very convincing orange Crayola crayon, traffic cone, orange (fruit), salmon sushi roll, pumpkin, and my personal favorite, a flamin’ hot cheeto! With just under two weeks left until Halloween, I’m still brainstorming the perfect orange costume for this years’ festivities. Admittedly, I’m keeping my options open because maybe I’ll be adopted by then and my person(s) and I can do a joint costume!? Oh, one can only dream!