Large Breed PupsHI THERE, we’re the newest puppies to stir things up at APS-FH! We came to Friday Harbor from Eastern Washington last month and since then, the whole lot of us have been calling a local foster and the shelter our temporary homes. Basically, it’s been the very best and really fun and we’ve had a lot of new experiences; being a puppy is kind-of the best, if you ask us!

You know what else is the best? How everyone we meet is so nice to us and so excited to meet us — like, everyone. Which is really awesome because when they get excited like that, they do that thing we reeeaaally like! The one where they run their hands all through our black, white, and merle coats and scratch and tickle us all over. Us puppies LOOOOVE that and oh boy do these people deliver! Whether they’re the people who take us for walks, the ones who hang out with us in the yard, the ones who make our rooms all clean each day (plus add new toys!), or the local people who come to meet us — they all can’t help but get excited and scratch us all over our puppy bodies! They even let us cover them with kisses. Like we said, the life of a puppy is good with friends like these! We’re super thankful to the shelter and our foster family, and we’re having a lot of fun, but we’re also really excited and eager to find our forever families. The shelter is working hard to find them for us. Could it be you?