StripeyOh hi there, I’m Baby Stripey! It’s been 3.5wks since I arrived at APS-FH all the way from Florida. I came with six others like me — all cats, all leaving Treasure Coast for San Juan Island — getting out before the storm blew in. In those weeks, two of us got adopted, while four still remain. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I’m one of the four still here at the shelter, waiting for my family to come find me.

Here’s the thing about finding me though. It’s gonna take a really special person(s). Why, you ask? Well because I’m not one of those prance-y cats. I’m not the type to jump down from my ledge as soon as the door to our room opens. I don’t rush to the hands of humans. Instead you can find me in one of my two favorite spots:

1. on the cat tower by the door that leads outside; and when they drape a blanket over the tower, then I lay between blanket and tower for optimal coziness

2. on the highest ledge in our room, just above the door. Look all the way up to the tippy top, and there you’ll find me nestled in my cat bed

But, here is the other thing. If you’re up to spending the extra time to come and meet me at my comfort level, then you’ll actually find that I’m known to warm up quite quickly! Once I get into my forever home, I know I’ll feel even more ready to come out of my shell and show you my personality. I’m a special kind of cat who is looking for a special kind of person. Are you them? If so, you can find me at the shelter with the other shy boys (my roommates), in the Shy Boy Room (aka in Community Cat Room #3) Once you’re there, you now know what to do!