GretchenHi there, my name is Gretchen and I’m one of the newest cats here at the shelter! I came here with my litter of kittens (Janice, Karen, Regina, and Damian) after being found as strays living outside. Being outside wasn’t always so bad, but once I had my babies, my priorities changed and I knew that getting us safely inside was the best option. I just knew that if I could get us inside and with the caring-kind-of-humans, we’d have the best shot at living long, full, happy, and love-filled lives, and that’s all a mom like me could ever hope for her children.

Although a lady like myself never reveals all her secrets, suffice it to say, the first part of the plan has worked; I successfully got us all inside, and not just any inside, but in with APS-FH, and their caring-kind-of-humans who help to get cats like us (and dogs too) adopted into loving, forever homes! Now the second part of the plan (AKA get us adopted) is in effect, and so far, so good! My little Janice was the first of us to have found and gone home with her human family; next to go were Karen and Damian who were adopted together by their human this week. My momma heart is so full to hear such great news regarding my babies; I simply can not wait until Regina and I have the same luck, with people coming to claim us as their own. Could you be those people for us?