Julie Thompson

The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is pleased to announce Julie Thompson as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for January 2023!

Julie has been a dedicated volunteer for APS-FH since May of 2022, helping keep the shelter in tip top shape. Julie specializes in supporting the shelter animals and staff alike in keeping things organized, clean, and tidy within the building. She can be quiet, but you know when she’s at the shelter because of the fresh smell of lavender cleaner and the pristine look of the lobby. Julie always has a great attitude and charming sense of humor, making cleaning alongside her extra enjoyable and fun. It’s not easy work mopping floors, folding mountains of laundry, scrubbing stacks of dishes, and cleaning windows, but she does it all without complaint! Julie will even be the first one to volunteer to hike supplies upstairs to our overflow storage area…laziness is not in this woman’s repertoire!

Although cleaning can sometimes be viewed as the “less fun” part of animal care, keeping things free-of-clutter and clean is absolutely vital for the overall health and well-being of the animals in our care; so having a volunteer, like Julie, who understands and respects that necessity, does wonders to keep our animals (and humans) safe day in and day out!

Although we have many deserving volunteers who work very hard to keep the shelter clean and tidy, and it’s always hard to just choose one, Julie’s “above and beyond” nature truly is a gift to the shelter, and one that deserves recognition!  Her positive attitude helps keep the work we do fun, and we really love having her helpful, “get it done” energy around.  She shows up for her shift rain or shine (or snow), and we know we can always count on her consistency.

Thanks so much, Julie, for always going out of your way to be a helpful hand! You are such a valued part of our team and we so appreciate you!