ValaHi, I’m Vala. I’ve thought long and hard about how exactly to introduce myself to the community, and what to say to get me successfully adopted. Although the approach I settled on may not be the easiest, the best chance I have is by being 100% honest.

So, you should know that I am a pretty anxious girl. In my humble opinion, the world is a scary place, and my brain can easily list (on an endless loop) all the reasons why. Although I tend to imagine “doomsday” scenarios constantly, my long list of anxieties shrinks when I’m able to bond with those around me.

Currently, I’m searching for that secure and protected feeling in my forever-home. I may be complex, and therefore not a great-fit for everyone, but I also know that I’m #worthit, and once I find the right fit, I’m all yours. With this in mind, I hope you’ll consider giving me, Vala, a chance, under the following conditions:

  • I’m looking for a home, but not just any home. It can be quiet, or even a little lively, but it absolutely must be: safe, dependable, semi-structured, and accommodating to my stressors.
  • I’m looking for a family, but not just any family. This family can be 1 person, or multiple people, but they absolutely must be: patient, considerate, kind, and caring.

Could you be my safe place? Could I bond with you? If so, you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of love and admiration from me!