Hi guys, I’m Bean! Some nicknames of mine include, Jumping Bean, String Bean, Beanie, and Beanster to name a few. I’m new on the scene here at APS-FH and I’m looking for a person(s) to come in, adopt me, and become my person. I can be a little shy at first, but once I warm up and find my people, I’m hooked! From then on out, I only want to be by their sides; whether it be relaxing at home, going for joy rides, or spending the day outside, this bean will always happily tag along!

When my person(s) have to leave for human-only-business (humans are always so busy aren’t they? All their obligations – all their coming and going), I know how to be a good boy, and wait patiently for their return home to me. During those times spent waiting, I use my big ears and their superpower-level hearing ability to listen closely for their footfall outside alerting me to their arrival back home. Then once they come through that front door, I take my job of doling out welcome-back-kisses very seriously!

For now, all of my waiting and loving is focused on my shelter friends, but I hope that someday very soon, I will be in a home of my own, with my very own person to focus all my love on! Are you my person, or do you know of someone who would be a good fit for me? I hope you’ll keep your ears open for such a person, and if you find them, send them my way!