Ellie-&-JoelHiya there, we’re Ellie & Joel, the two youngest cats to currently call APS-FH our temporary home; we live in the Kitten Suite with our new pal, a Ragdoll dude, named Frankie Mushroom!

We’ve been told by the humans whose care we’re in that we’re named after the two main characters in a “post-apocolyptic zombie tv show”. Although we’re just kittens and don’t totally understand what all that means, we have enough info to know what we’d do if we found ourselves in a zombie-filled reality like the one portrayed in the show: we’d stick together! This affinity of ours for one another is exactly why we’re also trying to leave the shelter as one unit; the lingo for this in shelter-speak is “bonded pair”. By showcasing our connection together, and advertising us as a pair, we’re hoping we’ll find someone just as committed to keeping us together as we are.

Although all this pair talk may make you feel like an outsider, we’re here to assure you that although we love to be together, we’re not stingy with our affection, and will easily form close bonds with others. Our roommate Frankie can attest to how inclusive we are!
Could you, would you, take in an adorable pair like us? For the person(s) who will, we guarantee we’ll bring a lifetime of love into your homes & hearts!