Hi guys, the name’s Max; Max Jr. to be exact! The “junior” part of my name was given to me at the shelter, so there would be no confusion between myself and the other Max (now Max Sr.) when it comes to adoption interest. Just like I am, my Bulldog friend, Max Sr., is also looking for a home to call his own. I spend so much of my time at APS-FH just hoping that both of us Max’s (and all the other doggos here) will find the forever we’re in search of, but for the purpose of my very own Pet of the Week feature, I want to take the time to tell you a little about myself!

Although I can sometimes be a little shy at first, I’m told that I am someone who makes those around me quickly feel at ease; this makes me a very happy pup to hear, because I’m the kind of guy who feels at my best when those around me are comfortable too. My relationships — whether cultivating new ones, or maintaining long-lasting ones— are very important to me, and I pride myself in being the kind of friend who is thoughtful, dependable, and loyal. When it comes to time spent with my friends, I’ll happily play hard, keep it light and easy, or relax with the best of them! So, if you’re in search of a new best friend who is up for just about anything, then look no further than me, Max Jr.!