Hi, I’m Moriarty, or you can call me Artie for short! I may still just be a little guy at my age, but it’s not something I get bent out of shape about. Mainly, I see it as a positive; because of my smol size, it’s much easier for me to scoot in close to my favorite people, for my favorite “snuggle sesh” time. Whether they’re sitting, standing, or somewhere in between, I am good at finding a way to sidle up very close to them, and in turn, receive the love I so crave. When they’ll let me, I’ll happily crawl all over them until I find just the right cuddling position; in their laps is at the top of my favorites list!

Although I’m small, I have a mighty purr, which you’ll get to hear first hand if you let me love on you. Once I can tell that a person is safe and accepting of my loving nature, the purring just pours out of me! Before long the slow start of a purr has become a rumbling sound that seems too loud to come from such a small guy like me; it’s one of my signature ways for telling people how much I loooove their attention, and to ask that they please not stop giving it to me.

Could you be my forever cuddling companion? If you think so, come by the shelter to meet me and see!