Age: 1 year old / 6 months old
Sex: Female / Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Black / Domestic Short Hair, Tabby, Tripod
Origin: Eastern Washington
Weight: 8.6lbs / 8lbs
Personality: Strong, Compassionate, Accepting
Energy Level: Dependent on the “Vibe” of Those Around Them
Likes: The Buddy System, Cuddling, SpOoOoky Season
Dislikes: Closed Blinds, Practical Jokes, Solitude

Hi, we’re Midnight & Arlo! As you can see from our photo, we’re very close. Because of how close we are, most people assume we’re family, and they’d be partially right. Although we’re not blood related, we have bonded together in a way that feels like family.

We met during a period of great change in both of our lives. For Midnight it was becoming a mother, when still a kitten herself (to her first and last litter; she was spayed after arriving here #spayandneutersaveslives). For Arlo it was the hit by a car incident that caused the injury and eventual amputation of his right front leg.

In a time when we both could really benefit from a support system, we looked up and found each other. Amidst the challenges our lives were presenting us with, the universe rewarded us each, with the other. A best friend to be by your side through it all; that’s what we are for one another. We have been since the beginning, and we will be till the very end!

Now our lives are in a much more stable, healthy, and happy place. We got each other through the tough last couple of months, and now we have come out on the other side. Well, almost! The last thing we really need for our lives to feel like they can begin anew again, is to find a house and a family to go home to.