I love most animals I meet and I really enjoy having multiple animals in my home.  If I had unlimited financial means, I would love to adopt cats and dogs whenever the mood strikes!  But since I can’t financially support more than a few of my own, volunteering for the shelter is a great way to make connections with a lot of animals who need attention.

Then, the biggest reasons to volunteer for anything are always two-fold: the first part has to do with giving and filling an urgent need – providing help when it’s needed. And the second part is the selfish aspect, it feels so good to be needed and helping!  So isn’t it wonderful that one of the things I enjoy most – spending time with cats – is needed and I can help by doing that. 

I have strong feelings against dog breeding and puppy mills that treat animals’ lives carelessly or as less-than; I see in every animal the chance to have a full and communicative life, feeling secure and able to express their personalities. For every soul that I get to help along that path toward safety and fulfillment, I feel so good and important. That’s why it’s such a privilege to be on the shelter’s call-list, not just for the chance to temporarily have more animals and the fun of spending time with them, but to feel good about being able to provide that kind of help, being a small part of helping each one have a real future.