Volunteer of the Month Peggy Beller

The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor is pleased to announce Peggy Beller as the APS-FH Volunteer of the Month for November 2023.

Peggy, her husband David, and son Casey – a Senior in High School at the time –  moved to SJI in the spring of 1998. Daughter Maggie was attending college in Pittsburgh then moved to New York after graduation. Today, both Peggy’s adult children live on the island along with four grandchildren: Kramer 21, Ben 15, Gabby almost 12, and James Lucy 13. That must explain why Peggy always has such a beautiful, happy smile on her face, which is just one of the wonderful qualities she brings to her work at Treasure Hounds.

Working as a volunteer sales person at Treasure Hounds, Peggy has given over 300 hours in just 10 months. Our unique resale store is open Thursday through Sunday each week and shoppers are often waiting for the doors to open on Thursdays to see what new, fabulous items have just appeared for sale. What they usually find, in addition to the treasures we sell, are Peggy and her two adorable Havanese dogs, Mojo (16 years) and Emo (7 months). Peggy’s constant smile and willingness to help every customer is a big part of the charm of shopping at Treasure Hounds. She has become a welcome friend to our faithful shoppers, not only on Thursdays, but on most Saturdays as well. Her willingness to share her time and bubbly personality with our clients makes her an extremely valuable part of our success. 

Because of her expertise as a Treasure Hounds volunteer, she has taken over the responsibility of recruiting and training our new volunteers. Just during the last 30 days she has completed the training of one new volunteer, is beginning the training of a second, and has just recruited two more who will begin their training in November.

Treasure Hounds is thrilled to honor Peggy this month for all that she brings to our team at APS-FH. Thank you Peggy, you make us proud!