cereal litter

Age: ~2.5 months  
Sex: 1 Male (Snap), 3 Females (Crackle, Pop, Krispy)
Breed: DMH Black & Grey Tabby (Snap), DLH Brown Tabby (Crackle), DSH Brown Spotted (Pop), DMH Black w/ White Tips (Krispy)
Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~3lbs
Personality: Terrific, Too, Tumbly
Energy Level: We’re kittens, so of course we have the energy to match!
Likes: Breakfast for Dinner, Mascots, Originality
Dislikes: Alarms, Not Drinking the Milk After a Bowl of Cereal, Time Outs

Hiya, we’re some of the newest kittens to become available for adoption and have affectionately been given the collective name, The Cereal Litter! Individually, we’re called Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Krispy, and think the humans named us pretty well. No, not because we resemble the efl-like characters or the crunchy cereal we’re named after, but more because we’re little kittens, and with that can come a lot of silliness, surprises, and sound effects! If you come to the Kitten Suite and see for yourselves, you’ll know what we mean; we’re shy at times cause we’re just little things still figuring out the world, but when you see us together you’ll see and hear our silly sounds and play styles come to life!

Speaking of togetherness, it’s an important thing to consider for kiddos like us. Although we’re actually a blended crew containing kittens from two different litters, what matters isn’t where we came from, but that we get to be together during this time in our lives. Kittens, just like many animals, have a critical socialization time frame where it’s extremely beneficial to be with other kittens. By being with other felines our own age, it helps us to grow up and into our good manners, play styles, and cool cat personalities! Although we don’t technically have to be adopted together, wouldn’t it also be such great news if we got to go to our new homes in pairs?! Word on the shelter streets is that APS-FH even has a BOGO (buy one, get one)  special on kittens, so what are you waiting for? Come sweeten up your day by meeting us, The Cereal Litter! Find us in APS-FH’s Kitten Suite, and bring our favorite wand toys in if you really want to grab our attention.