Pet of the Week “Cowboy”

Mon 13, May, 2019
Pet of the Week “Co

Bon Jour…..Est-ce que tu parles francais? I didn’t know I could speak French either, until just now. Who wouldn’t be interested in a bilingual dog […]

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Thu 21, Feb, 2019
Pet of the Week “Ar

Hello, it’s me, Arlo. No, not Guthrie.  The other one. I’m the other, better looking, more-sophisticated Arlo. As an older, dignified sort of fellow, I’m […]

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Sun 10, Feb, 2019
Pet of the Week “Jo

Hello.  I’m Jordan and I’m currently residing at the animal shelter while taking applications for my prospective Valentine.  If you’re interested in being my Valentine […]

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Tue 05, Feb, 2019
Pet of the Week “El

Well, if you must know, my new year’s diet has failed. I shall now concentrate on growing taller.  Please don’t suggest exercise.  I’m not in any […]

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Tue 08, Jan, 2019
Pet of the Week “Ro

Hello.  I am Roosevelt, but my friends call me, “Rosie”. Does anyone out there know if you can put catnip in a humidifier?  I’m asking […]

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