Toni Bailey

Why do I volunteer at Treasure Hounds?

Because I LOVE IT.  Our volunteers at Treasure Hounds are such a great team and we all have the same goal – to help our animals!

I love being in the position to help people with their “stuff” when they need or want to make a lifestyle change.  It’s so much easier and, depending on the move, may even be less expensive to donate rather than to hire a moving company to move your furnishings off island.  On the other hand, maybe they are just doing a “spring,” “summer,” “fall” or “winter” clean up.  

I love the fact that all the items given to Treasure Hounds are donated with love knowing that the result will help our homeless animals.

I love pricing the items knowing that sometimes the item has been in one’s family for years and has been cared for and because of such care, we are able to sell it at Treasure Hounds for someone else to enjoy.

I love pricing and hanging artwork.  So many stories are in a piece of art.  I enjoy researching the artist and the drawing or painting they did.  In researching, I may have talked to several people across the nation who were either the artist or familiar with the artist.  So interesting!

I love seeing and pricing artifacts that have been purchased from all over the world – places that I will probably never go.  So, so incredible!

I love seeing the used dog and cat clothes and items come in.  Knowing that each item that belonged to a loved pet may be worn or used by a new pet who will also be loved.

I love seeing that our store is a place where everyone can shop – the young person starting out with their starter home can purchase ALL their kitchen items and furniture and it won’t break their bank OR the wealthy can come in and purchase that piece of art or furniture that can go into their beautiful home.  I love the fact that we have something for everyone and that all of our volunteers try to have everything clean and sparkling for their new owner.

It’s almost like I should pay APS-FH Treasure Hounds for letting me volunteer here……… much fun!