Stray #1389Hi, Hi, Hi! My name is…well, for right now, you can call me Stray #1389; once my “stray hold” is up, and the APS-FH Team is sure that I’m not someone’s pet, I’ll make my way to the adoption floor; then I’ll share my name with you! Cause the thing about my name is that me and the shelter humans are currently in the process of figuring it out.

A Stray hold is a window of time in which an animal is receiving care from the shelter that took them in, but is not yet available for adoption. During this time an animal is medically treated, behaviorally assessed, all the while the shelter is working to determine whether a new intake, like myself, is an owned, stray, or feral individual.

Additionally, the thing about outdoor cats is, not every single one that you see outside needs to be “rescued”. In fact, many cats live very happy lives on the outside. Some even find a food hookup from the humans in houses; that’s what I did anyways. I found a cat door open at all hours, and couldn’t resist! Once I heard the people inside, and found out they were already feeding a cat inside, I tried my luck, and ventured through the door.

Long story short, the house cat inside didn’t like me all that much, so to the shelter I came! Now, we find ourselves in the middle of my 7-day stray hold, with the APS-FH Team working hard to solve the current mystery on cat side: who was I before I walked through that cat door? Do I already have a name or will I find one here?