Hiya guys, the name’s Zimba! Although I’m a big boy, at 10 months of age I’m still just a pup. As any fun-loving puppy, like myself, will tell you: playing, in all of its forms, is the very best thing in the whole wide world!!

While I’m at the shelter* I’m getting a lot of chances to play, and with all of this play-time under my belt, I’m basically an expert now! So, I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned so far. Which is..

  1. PLAY IS GOOD FOR YOU! – There are a whole lot of positive things that come from even just a little bit of play per day. Making time to be our playful, silly, selves can be beneficial for our mind, body, and soul. Plus, it’s just plain fun!
  2. BALLS ARE A TOP TIER TOY! – Some balls bounce, while others are better for being rolled or thrown. Some are small, some are big, some are squishy, some are hard. Some are for chewing, while others are better for chasing. ALL are a complete blast!
  3. PLAYING WITH A PAL ALWAYS ADDS EXTRA FUN! – I’m still learning my doggie manners, and how to read the social cues my new friends are giving me, but it’s reallllyyy fun when a friend gets involved! I personally really love play partners of the canine and human variety.

Anyways, my advice? Get out there and have some fun today! Play is good for the heart at any age. Trust me, I’m a really wise 10 month old 😉

*I’m at APS-FH waiting for my forever family to come find me! If you are interested in meeting/adopting me, please fill out and submit APS-FH’s Canine Adoption Application on their website!